John L Conway IV

Software Developer & New Media Producer


John specializes in web and system application development. He works with Linux and MacOSX applications and knows a variety of languages from Python to Javascript.

New Media

John is active in the Aviation Internet Media community as a Producer, Host, and Editor. He is currently involved with two shows: In The Pattern Podcast and Other Peoples Airplanes.

Software Development

By day, John is a full stack and systems engineer working with Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, Python Flask, Google Protocol Buffers, and many other web and general software technologies.

On the side, John works on iOS applications and web development for his company Riled Up Development. He is available for contract work.

Below are a list of publicly available projects that he is developing or has contributed to.


FlyOtto is a mobile and desktop web application built using Angular JS. John led the frontend team in building the application from early on in development through v1.

John had hands on experience writing much of the application code as well as leading a small team of frontend engineers when the project grew. The team is also remote, so John gained experience working with remote teams and tools to accomplish development.

The app is build using ES6, AngularJS 1.X, Angular Material Framework, and build system is built with Gulp.

Grind: Coffee Brewed Simply

Grind is an iOS app for helping make great coffee. It was built to help anyone from those who just got a French Press and are trying to figure it out to the pros at the Chemex.

Grind includes guided instructions for a couple of different brew methods as well as guided conversions to help you get the right amounts of coffee and water for the perfect cup.

Grind will be available soon in the iOS App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch. For more information check it out at


Perseverance Boat

Perseverance Boat is a Ruby on Rails site custom made for John's Father. The site allows friends and family to book trips on his father's boat by loading a calendar with all available dates marked.

The site is still in beta and is awaiting a full rebuild utilizing Test Driven Development, Google App Engine, and a new Bootstrap based UI.

The site can be found at
The full source can be found on GitHub.

New Media Productions

John is active in the Aviation Media community as a Producer, Host, and Editor. He is actively involved with two shows: In The Pattern Podcast and Other Peoples Airplanes.

In The Pattern Podcast

John is the Producer and a Co-Host of the In The Pattern Podcast. In The Pattern is an Aviation audio podcast featuring four pilots who hangar fly about their training and experiences in avaiation.

John's role as producer for In The Pattern includes editing and mixing the audio for the podcast after recording as well maintaining and updating the blog and web site.

The podcast can be found at

Other People's Airplanes

John is an Editor and Technology Director for the video show Other People's Airplanes. OPA brings viewers into the cockpit of many aircraft while also being on location at a variety of air shows and other aviation events. In addition, John provides photography for the podcasts Facebook page.

The video podcast can be found at

Other People's Airplanes

Other People's Airplanes